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“As I was driving down RT 80, I noticed that the pressure in my rear right tire was decreasing and went all the way to 0. I had pulled over to the side of the road and within 3 minutes, Joe had parked right behind me to assist. He acted so swiftly and so generously that I didn't even have the time to stress or worry. He changed my tire with a spare I didn't even know I had and within 20 minutes, I was back on the road again. I am so grateful for Joe and for the service that I had no idea even existed up till now. I feel much better driving knowing that there are people like that around to help.”

- Henah, NJ
Assisted by Joe, New Jersey DOT Safety Service Patrol on February 9

“Stephen was the BEST Safety Assist Patrol personnel on the road. I was disabled on Interstate 295 South between exits 45 & 47, and his quick response and friendly disposition put me at ease. He was professional, polite and asked me how he could help me. He explained what he was going to do as he assisted me. He is the epitome of Mobile Customer Service. An angel on the Road!!! He made my Instagram Page! My hero.”

- Lilly, NJ
Assisted by Stephen, New Jersey DOT Safety Service Patrol on February 24