“I was on my way to work driving on the Southern State Parkway when I got a severe flat tire. I was so grateful when Pete came along and changed my tire. He was very polite and helpful. He saved the day. Great Job, Driver Pete”

- Paula, NY
Assisted on March 12 by Pete, New York State DOT H.E.L.P.

“Diana did an amazing job helping us change the tire on the Hutch. She was professional, nice, quick, courteous and fantastic all around. Thank you so much!”

- Dan, NY
Assisted on March 4 by Diana, New York State DOT H.E.L.P.

“I ran out of gas and coasted off the highway onto the exit ramp and the police called the truck. The truck arrived and the driver put a couple of gallons of gas in my car and helped me on my way. The man's name is Luis. He was a gentleman and wouldn't even take any money for the gas or a tip. I was so grateful for his help. Thank you.”

- Lawrence, FL
Assisted on February 16 by Luis, Florida's Turnpike Enterprise Road Rangers

“I got a flat tire at 6 am. The patrol driver found me very quickly. He was attentive and personable, getting equipment ready quickly and effectively, regardless of how cold it was this particular morning. This gentleman played an important role in helping me to provide life safety service, quicker than I would have, had I been doing it on my own. That is priceless. The HELP patrol is an incredibly important program for commuters and plays a key role in keeping the roads safe and not congested. I appreciate this program very much.”

- William, NY
Assisted on February 1 by Tim, New York State DOT H.E.L.P.

“My brother, who just had back surgery, had a flat tire on the side of the Wantagh Parkway. My 70-year-old mom, other brother and myself tried to help and could not get the lug nuts off. HELP pulled up and had us all done in minutes, amazing!!!”

- Katherine, NY
Assisted on January 26 by Chris, New York State DOT H.E.L.P.

“Brian came over, knocked on my window and asked me what was going on. I told him my car started smoking and the heater needle went all the way to red. He put water coolant in my car and he explained to me that there was a rag in the front of the car vent and that is what made it overheat. He took it and threw it out for me. He helped me keep calm. I thank Brian so, so, so much. He made it possible for me to get home safely. He told me to be careful when getting back on the highway. He is an amazing person. Definitely an angel. Thank you so very much, Brian!”

- Rosa, NY
Assisted on January 3 by Brian, New York State DOT H.E.L.P.