“Steve was fantastic. Although he was unable to get me mobile again, he tried with his best efforts. He made sure that I was safe, being that I was stranded on the side of the highway. Being the circumstances that we were in, we made sure we kept a respectable sense of humor about the situation. Thank you, NYSDOT patrol.”

- John, NY
Assisted on March 9 by Steve, New York State DOT H.E.L.P.

“Pete was extremely helpful. He saw my truck pulled over because it had quit running. I was calling for a tow company, and he made sure we were safe and asked if he could help in any way. We needed a ride home so he took us to a nearby place where we could get an Uber instead of trying to get an Uber driver to find us on the highway. He was professional, helpful and nice. Thank you for having this H.E.L.P. service for stranded motorists!”

- Mike, NY
Assisted on March 9 by Pete, New York State DOT H.E.L.P.

“We had a flat as we left Orlando airport after arriving on the red eye from Los Angeles. I called AAA, but they could not arrive for at least 45 minutes. I had no idea about the Road Ranger program but a Ranger spotted us and stopped. He changed our tire in minutes and off we went to return to our home in Vero Beach. It is a great idea, especially if someone is unfamiliar with the area.”

- Katherine, FL
Assisted on February 27, Florida's Turnpike Enterprise Road Rangers

“On Wednesday morning, at approximately 8:00 am, the patrol driver Tim saw my vehicle stopped on the side of the road. My vehicle was experiencing noises from the front left wheel, and I pulled over to see what was wrong. As I was inspecting the vehicle, Tim pulled over behind my vehicle to ask what the problem was and to help. He looked under the vehicle and was able to diagnose what the problem was. He asked if I was comfortable driving the vehicle and offered to call a tow truck to assist me. I declined his offer. I am so appreciative of the help he provided me in my time of need. I was very concerned about the drivability of my vehicle as I was on my way to work. I was unsure what the issue was, and Tim stopping by to assist me was incredibly helpful. I am also very impressed by the level of professionalism and empathy he had. As a result of Tim's help, I was able to confidently and safely proceed to work and resume the rest of my day. Many thanks to Tim, and the NYSDOT, for all of your help! Keep up the great work!”

- Erik, NY
Assisted on February 15 by Tim, New York State DOT H.E.L.P.

“I had an unexpected flat tire and had to pull over to the side of 33 East. As soon as I did so, and put my hazards on, I saw a truck pull up behind me with flashing lights. He immediately came over to assist me and replaced my tire with the donut I had in the back. He saved me from a stressful morning and allowed me to get to work only two minutes late. I'm so appreciative and fortunate that Shaman was there to help.”

- Ryan, NY
Assisted on February 15 by Shaman New York State DOT H.E.L.P.

“A police officer checked in with us because we were parked on the side of highway 84 with a flat tire. The officer called the H.E.L.P. vehicle, and A. Merlo arrived and helped us. He was FANTASTIC! Professional, kind, knowledgeable and very conscientious of any potential road hazards.”

- Ruthie, NY
Assisted on February 7 by A. Merlo, New York State DOT H.E.L.P.

“On February 6th, I ran out of gas on the Polk Parkway at Exit 10. I had been in the hospital that morning for my mother's surgery and was updating relatives as I made my way back to work. As I finished updating the family the roadside assistance vehicle pulled up behind me. I believe his name was Ralph, but I am not positive. He was very courteous and was able to put enough gas in my vehicle in order to make it off the highway and to the gas station. While I was having a tough day, personally, he made me smile.”

- William, FL
Assisted on February 6 by Ralph, Florida's Turnpike Enterprise Road Rangers

“On Saturday, January 28th, Jayson was on patrol on Florida's Turnpike. We were stranded on the side of the road waiting for AAA. Jayson examined the nature of the car's trouble and advised that the car be towed. Unfortunately, AAA took approximately three hours to show up. Jayson returned to ensure that we were okay while waiting and even offered to take us to the nearest rest stop to allow us to use the restroom. He went over and above what was required and helped to ensure our safety and sanity. He should be recognized and rewarded for his work. He truly made a difference during a very challenging time!!”

- Sarah, FL
Assisted on January 28 by Jayson, Florida's Turnpike Enterprise Road Rangers